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What is Soul Search?

Jewish Singles Age 21-45


Soul Search is a dynamic initiative designed to connect marriage-minded Jewish singles of all ethnic backgrounds and religious observance levels through exclusive events, educational programming and matchmaking opportunities.


It’s simple:

  • Get educated through inspiring mentors and gain valuable knowledge and tools to date intelligently through personal development
  • Connect with quality Jewish singles of all backgrounds and observance
  • Be guided with your very own personal Dating Mentor who has already successfully matched over 100 married couples!

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Get Matched

Soul Search is a discreet & professional introduction service based on the age-old practice of matchmaking using modern technology and resources. It’s confidential, personalized and unique.



Why Hire a Matchmaker?By Susan Trombetti

How do you know it is time to hire a matchmaker? Use a matchmaker if and when:

  • The people you are meeting aren’t the quality you would like to meet.
  • You are a busy professional and don’t have the time to find someone because your job is demanding.
  • You don’t have the time to spend researching dating sites and making it through all of the steps to reveal your match.
  • You don’t want to blindly put yourself out there. You require discretion and confidentiality.
  • You constantly select the same “type” and need to break out of the habit and try new strategies.
  • You are tired of meeting someone different from their online dating site portrayal. You need an objective party to guide you through the dating process.
  • Everything else you do in life is well thought out except this area, try a matchmaker who w ill give you the attention to detail your life deserves.
  • Couldn’t tolerate another blind date that could be a comedy movie if it weren’t your life.
  • You settle for nothing short of excellence in other areas of your life and want to apply that same approach to dating and romance.

Get Educated

Through our educational series, we offer the knowledge and tools needed to “Date Intelligently,” in a relaxed and social environment. Sip on a cocktail while being inspired!

The Relationship Series

A series of weekly classes featuring various guest speakers who provide insight on how to build and maintain happier, healthier relationships. Hosted at a trendy bar in Beverly Hills, over 100 men and women attend for the inspirational content, and stay for the music, cocktails, appetizers, and good company!

 Designed to: 

  • Encourage personal growth & development
  • Facilitate meaningful connections with other like-minded Jewish singles in a warm and welcoming environment


  • Identify your strengths and what you have to offer
  • Discuss and define gender roles to better facilitate the dating process
  • Decide what is most important to you in a long-term partner
  • Understand how to successfully navigate the mixed messages we are receiving between society, family involvement and our desires
  • Dating basics

He Said, She Said

Get into the head, desires, frustrations and misconceptions of the opposite sex!

“He Said, She Said” is your chance to hear what the “other side” has to say, as well as an opportunity for you to communicate what works and doesn’t work for you in dating & relationships…So come ready to share your questions, comments and experiences.

(Or, if you prefer, sit quietly with a drink and hear what others have to say. Participation is welcome, not required 🙂 )

The Ladies and Gentleman of the audience will lead the conversation while a relationship expert will moderate the discussion.

Get Social

Soul Search is not just another dating service, it’s a community where you belong. Join us for:

Shabbat Dinners

Spiritual Retreats

Arts & Culture

and more!

Pull up a Chair! Private Dinner Invitation
Wine and dine at a private dinner party with a group of singles that were hand-selected just for you!
How it works:
  • Soul Search reaches out to its community of friends and their extended network
  • We hand-select a group of Jewish singles of similar backgrounds and preferences that would “vibe”
  • Dinners are graciously hosted at the homes of various community members

This exclusive invitation offers a relaxed, fun and organic way for people to make new friends, meet a potential match, and enjoy the uniquely Jewish experience of a Shabbat dinner. L’chaim!

Note: By submitting an application to Soul Search, you are automatically in our network to be invited to Pull up a Chair! Stay tuned 🙂

Our Team


Talia Masjedi

Program Director

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Talia Masjedi is a native of Los Angeles, a Young Professional and a first generation Iranian-American Jew. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from New York University and continued her graduate education in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University.  After spending some time living in Jerusalem, she has grown a passion for connecting Jews of all backgrounds through education and social events and has coordinated dozens of programs, events and seminars for Jewish Young Professionals from L.A to Israel.  She has now joined Soul Search to devote her time to coordinating the program, while continuing to connect and inspire her peers.  We welcome her and are very excited to extend her expertise and talent to the community. We wish her continued success!


Yehudis Orloff

Dating Mentor

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Yehudis Orloff was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA where she and her husband Reuven have been active in the community for over 30 years raising their family and watching their grandchildren grow. Though she made her first match for a friend while she was engaged, she has been active in helping people find their soul-mates for over 12 years. Since then she has enjoyed, with G-d’s help, great success in bringing scores of couples together, resulting in over 100 happy and fulfilling marriages. Mrs. Orloff works with the entire spectrum of Jewish backgrounds both here in L.A., nationally, and internationally. She is a sought after Dating Mentor, as well as a regular invitee to Young Professionals forums and retreats across the US, where she speaks on the topic. She has now joined Soul Search to focus on fostering matches within the greater L.A. community which until now has not enjoyed a dedicated person in that role.  We welcome her and are very excited to extend her expertise and talent to the community. We wish her continued success!

Reuben Hekmat

Reuben Hekmat

L.e. Staiman

L.e. Staiman

Roy Rayn

Roy Rayn

Rodney Rabbani

Rodney Rabbani

Shirin Galili

Shirin Galili

Shahab Neman

Shahab Neman

Eyal Aharonov

Eyal Aharonov

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